Problem: Facebook automatically posts new products on our FB page

Hi everyone,

we have an eCom site and a Facebook Page which is linked to our eCom site, so that people can buy our products on Facebook. However, every day FB automatically posts individual posts of products we added to our store in LS: an image, the price and a title reading like "Boutique XX added a new product to their store". Reach is between 1 and 400 people, and I see several of thoses posts each day (though there could be more). I do not even know if FB posts random products among the ones we recently added, or if it shows products to people based on their interests.

In any case, I want to control or deactivate this feature since I do not like FB posting products like that, and at a frequency we do not control. These posts do not appear on the wall of our FB page, and I did not find any Parameter that would control that. Do you have the same problem? Do you know how to control this feature?


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