Display serial number in sales lines detail of Transaction ID without having to click Print Receipt"

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In our industry we have to pay off Vespa scooters by VIN on the bank's website. We go into the day's sales report and click on a sale transaction idea, then click on lines, then have to click on print receipt to get the serial number to appear. From there we copy/paste into the bank site to pay off the scooter.

It would be fantastic for us, and perhaps for other people, to save a step by having the serial number of an item displayed with the item in the sales lines without having to click the print receipt button. In the attached image you can see the item description and notes we print on the sales order. Having the serial number directly above or below those notes would be great. Thanks for your consideration.


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    The entire way Retail deals with serials is ridiculous. It's like they were an after thought when someone realised how big they were in Onsite.

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    Hey @milesandtime ,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide the feedback! I'll note it in our list of enhancements.

    Enjoy your week!


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