Automatic E-mail Receipts (Instead of printing)

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I would like to make a suggestion regarding the finalization of a sale. As time goes by, we're becoming more engaged with technology. Many companies are offering paperless statements and receipts. Many customers actually prefer a digital copy instead of paper. In fact, some of our customers want a copy sent to their e-mail, which requires us to send a receipt to their e-mail address, in addition to the one being printed. That being said, I believe there could be a tick checkbox option on the customer's account page, which would state whether or not the customer prefers digital receipt copies.

If a customer is attached to a sale and this is set to true, a paper receipt would not be necessary. Instead, the customer would automatically receive an e-mailed receipt to their e-mail address on file. Not only would this save paper, but it would also save time and bring customer satisfaction.

Thanks for your consideration,

Zach | Clay County Farm Supply


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