Inventory On Hand accuracy is flawed

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There are two flaws in lightspeed that prevent inventory on hand from being accurate.

1) Layaways are not handled consistently. When a layaway is created, inventory will be deducted if it exists. If there is no inventory, then inventory does not get deducted. Even after a PO is received to create inventory, the system does not deduct for the layaway items that were not previously deducted. This inconsistent treatment makes it confusing about whether to include layaway items in the physical count or not. Then the person counting thinks that an adjustment is needed and makes a manual adjustment and then when the layaway is completed as a sale, it gets deducted again. The solution - all layaways should deduct from the inventory count even when it causes the count to go negative.

2) If we enter an item and mistakenly put it to layaway instead of special order, the inventory count is reduced. When we correct our mistake and move that line to special order, the inventory count is unaffected. We will create a purchase order to get more inventory in to cover it. Everything will work out when we eventually close the sale. The problem is, the inventory count is out of sync during that interim. When we take a physical count, we have no way to know that the adjustment was already made for a special order item. So, we mistakenly make a manual adjustment to get it back in sync. The solution - the deduction to inventory should be reversed when layaways are removed from layaway status. If done for everything, that still works for regular layaways because the inventory will then be deducted when the item is sold.

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    Hey @wocruc ,

    Thanks for taking the time to point it out! If this is something you're able to reproduce fairly easily while following some steps, it would be great if you could call-in to our support line so we can determine if we have ongoing investigations so we can add weight to the request or can create an investigation so we can best help everyone out!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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