Release Notes for 2016.7

dcsdcs Partner Posts: 1

Forgive me if I am looking in the wrong place as I am new to Lightspeed.

I noticed that a few days ago 2016.7 was released (

I can't find a copy of the release notes for this release though?

The latest in the two locations that I can find are for 2016.6:

It would be good to get a copy of these at the time of (or before, ideally) a release so that users can be notified of changes etc.


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  • Dan RossDan Ross Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 8 moderator
    Hi Dean,

    Sorry for the late response. It seems the notes were posted a little bit behind the release this time around. They're available now at

    As a point of procedure, we do try to have the notes posted when a new release is deployed but it seems we missed it that time.

    Thanks for telling us!
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