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I'm frustrated that I am not able to email a statement to a customer.

I was told by support that the solution is to print the statement to PDF, then open my email program, create a new email (find the email address of the AP department of the current customer) and send it that way.

I have hundreds of customers, that need statements sent to them on the first of each month.

This would take a significant amount of time each month. Makes no sense.

Because we can easily email invoices, it seems that this isn't much of a leap.

Please tell me this is in the works?



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    Hey @Chrysalid ,

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll note it in our list of enhancement requests!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


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  • cdoremuscdoremus Member Posts: 15

    I agree with Amber with send all our clients who have charge accounts a statement even though they all pay at time of purchase. We need this future desperately!!!!


    Aiken Saddlery

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 52 ✭

    +1 for this!

    It would also be super helpful if the program exported the PDF automatically in the email, rather than just putting the information in the body, so that customers can easily print the statement if they want to return it with their payment.

  • DairyLadyDairyLady Member Posts: 1

    We really need to be able to email statements out to customers. I have over 400 customers and over 10+ different customer types and need to be able to send out outstanding statements to the different customer types. Would make my life so much simplier rather than doing one at a time.

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  • elioswinewarehouseelioswinewarehouse Member Posts: 4

    It would also be helpful if the email went through an email program that we can see that it was actually sent. We have no way of looking at the email history of the customer.

  • dhicksdhicks Member Posts: 15

    Thank you so much for all of your comments...others, if you need this feature, please chime in!! I think that Lightspeed needs to see that this is a very critical aspect to our makes no sense to choose a great POS system like LS is and have these critical gaps!!

    I echo all that has been said here...being able to email statements is A MUST!!! This needs to be moved up the list of it is a HUGE disadvantage to our business...especially since our last POS did it...our customers have learned to rely on it...and I will end up paying more for someone to manually go through and send them each month than I am paying for the whole POS!!

    If you can just add 2 buttons on the customer profile to

    1. Select email statement and then when we generate statements there is an option to send statements to all profiles that have selected 'email' for receiving statement...and they are all sent via email and those that don't have the box checked it prints a statement for you to mail.
    2. 2nd one to have each receipt/invoice sent to them after each transaction (just like the button is already there...just have an option to have it go automatically...if someone has am email address on file...they want to have each invoice emailed to them...and it is to much training and remembering to have my staff push the button after each transaction.

    It just seems like these are already 90% there with the current configuration they just need that final step taken to execute it...should be an easy win for all in the community!! But I can't emphanize how badly this is needed!!! anyone that has a credit program is hating life with Lightspeed...and it should be a fairly simple additions to add the capability. I think in addition to these...under the account tab and option to manually send a statement via email should be added as well...for the one off needs.

    Thanks again!! I am just starting with Lightspeed...and like a lot of the features...but some are very painful and could be corrected with what seems fairly straight fwd.

  • Brady_11Brady_11 Member Posts: 3

    I would love to see this feature added to the software as well. We have nearly 2000 credit accounts and right now the statement process is very clunky. It would be extremely nice to have this feature added because right now the "print all" button sucks to say the least. We need filters. We only want it to print if they owe more than $5, right now we are manually having to pull all of these ones out. Second, it would be nice to add the age of the credit. A lot of our customers are having to call us to figure out why they owe so much because it doesn't show the transactions for the previous months. We figured out how to do this for an individual account but it takes a lot of time to go into each one individually to print a new copy. It would also be nice to be able to see the age of the credit so we knew which accounts to put on hold. If we could just email these statements it would save a lot of time we could have them refer to their previous emails to see why they owe what they do. We wouldn't have to pull out the ones the owe very little because there would be no postage fees on our end. This would just save us all a lot of time in this currently clunky process.

  • boviobovio Member Posts: 14

    This is such a huge issue for us to. Sick of dragging print previews into our Apple Mail messages to send quotes.

  • MagoosMagoos Member Posts: 3

    We need this feature - it takes too long to email statements with the current Lightspeed setup. We have to email statements, we have customers that have many invoices per month

    Any idea if this request is being looked at?

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 52 ✭

    @Magoos Don't hold your breath. In the 9 months we've been on this system, it seems like "make a suggestion on the lightspeed community page" is code for "this is where your idea goes to die"

    It is incredibly frustrating, because BASIC, basic things like this should not be difficult for a company to implement, particularly when past products they have developed did it with ease.

    Instead, workarounds, hacks, and "it's on our list of enhancement requests" is about all you can expect.

    I would love for Lightspeed to prove me wrong.

  • MagoosMagoos Member Posts: 3

    Yes, we have been in this scenerio before -

    we came across from Lighspeed online and had requested more than 2 decimal places when bringing in stock - we waited years and it never was addressed. We hoped that this feature would be in Lightspeed Retail but no it is still not.

    If emailing customer statements is a feature they can't or don't want to implement, better for me to know now than hoping.

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