Controlling Alcohol Shipment in US

DebSharkeyDebSharkey Member Posts: 5

Hi! We currently use EasyPost, however are unable to control what states we can ship to unless we set up manual shipments. I'm at a loss. I'd be grateful to hear what other alcohol shippers are doing to manage. Thank you so much!


  • Kristian_CKristian_C Member, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 12 moderator


    Thank you for reaching out to the Lightspeed Community! EasyPost does not provide features to limit shipping areas. You could consider using ShipStation in conjunction with manual rates, as ShipStation can be configured to pull over all orders which simplifies fulfillment.


    Kristian C.

  • DebSharkeyDebSharkey Member Posts: 5

    Thanks Kristian. I am waiting for ShipStation onboarding to call back. The feedback I've received from other shipping platforms is that with mixed items (some requiring licensure, some not), there is no way they know what items are restricted, so shipment is all or none. It seems we need to control this at the product level, or minimally the product category level. Can this be done? It is such poor customer service for us to cancel items off their order because we cannot ship, regardless of how often we list the states we can ship our wines to. I'd love to hear how other license-required business handle their shipping!

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