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We have an e-commerce site running on a platform other than Lightspeed. We'd like to find a way to transfer merchandise back and forth occasionally. Does anyone have a system that works for a similar scenario. If we set up a payment type and customer for e-com, then this affects sales and returns reporting. If we set up a vendor as e-com, our accounting doesn't like this either. Any suggestions?

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    Hey @socks

    In regards to your question, Sales and Vendor Returns would be the only way to have your stock removed from your inventory and have it accounted for. In this situation, it would be a matter of preference.

    For sales, you can set a designated fake customer to remove the items and sell to them. You can set the customer to be charged cost only through a price rule. You would also be able to create a payment type called "online sale" or "inventory transfer" and charge the transaction to that. If you tag the customer, you would be able to filter them out of sales reports. By using the payment type, you would also be able to tract those totals and present that your your accountant or export and remove the line.

    If you were to do this through the Vendor Return, your sales reports would not be affected. I would recommend setting up a fake vendor to use for these types of exchanged, so you could run a report on it and account for it down the line. Our reports have filters which would allow you get the information your accountant should need.

    Either of these should work, it would just require and adjustment when you are finalizing information. I would bring both options to them and see if they have any preference.

    Please reach out to support for further questions.

    Jordan L-C
    Lightspeed Retail Support
    Lightspeed HQ
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