Supplier Invoices (How do we pay the Vendor?)

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In Lightspeed Onsite the PO created a beautiful supplier invoice when the items were received. It was very easy to make sure we paid the correct amount for the product and that we did not double pay or pay for something we did not receive. Is there a way to make a similar work flow in Lightspeed retail? Can we get the supplier invoice feature added to Lightspeed retail?


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    Hey @JensBach ,

    Thank you for the feedback! It's been noted in our list of enhancement requests.

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    This is our first day migrating from Onsite to Retail and it is a nightmare; no way of creating supplier invoices from received product, many classifications did not export correctly, and as many of our sales are special orders, creating purchase orders has not been intuitive. Our entire staff is very discouraged; we used Onsite for 9 years and it worked so well.

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    @VanessaD - I feel that the lack of a supplier invoice feature indicates a huge assumption that all vendors ship all purchase orders complete. This is most definitely NOT the case in most retail environments.

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    @VanessaD is there an update on this feature? We are new to lightspeed Retail and just added Lightspeed accounting so we can integrate with QuickBooks. The ability to end up with a Vendor invoice (either directly or indirectly via the PO systems) is a necessary feature, and while I am not sure why you got rid of it in the first place, I am surprised I cannot find something similar in either LS Retail OR LS Accounting. Any updates you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

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