Adding a payment gateway in the UK

RatRaceCyclesRatRaceCycles Member Posts: 1

Hi, I've been sent over to these discussions after a chat with Lightspeed Retail Support.

We've just set up a new account with Paymentsense, who have said they can definitely integrate with Lightspeed Retail - they've emailed me all the information they say we need to set up the integration (Host URL, API, TID).

However, the drop-down menu in "add Payment Gateway" only gives the options for iZettle and Barclaycard.

Is there something I'm missing, or something else I should do to set up integration?



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  • CoolFeralCoolFeral Member Posts: 1

    Did you get a reply and or solution? I'm going through the same thing with other than Cayan or Worldpay payment processors.

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