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we have some doubts about integration with your API:

  • In the official documentation, there is a base URI for API Calls, but in Swagger there is a different URL. What URL must we use?
  • Also, in Swagger, the header with the bearer token is different from the documentation, which header should we use?
  • Could we retrieve the menus and the categories linked to menus through the API?
  • We can't see information about ingredients of products in the API Response. Is there a way to retrieve it?
  • Could a menu be associated to different companies? Or all companies have the same product catalog?
  • Referring to the online orders injection: In the payment object of the body, what means the amount? The paid amount?
  • When we inject an order, we don't receive the response of the documentation, just an integer, what means this number? the order id?

Thanks in advance

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