Dashboard api request max_date parameter not working

koen_schenkkoen_schenk Member Posts: 4

Hello, the max_date parameter in my dashboard API calls don't work for me, this is the postman call i am trying to do:

dashboard.json?date_min=2021-03-01&date_max=2021-03-06 if i use the date_min parameter works and also works on its own, the date_max parameter doesn't work on its own or with date_min.

The PHP request also doesn't work, the same problem that date_min does work but date_max does not.

dashboard->get(['date_min' => '2021-03-01', 'date_max' => '2021-03-10']);

If i make requests to for example products with multiple parameters it does work so don't know why my dashboard request is not working



  • Ali_MasoumieAli_Masoumie Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 348 moderator


    This is a bug known to our developers. I will create a ticket and link it to the case, so you will receive a message when more information is available about it.

  • koen_schenkkoen_schenk Member Posts: 4

    Aah, okay thanks I will wait until it gets fixed.

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