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Sai7856Sai7856 Member Posts: 19

Hi, When I update the Item through API. i was getting following error as response.

Error Response:-

"{\"httpCode\":\"400\",\"httpMessage\":\"Bad Request\",\"message\":\"Item not updated. You can not set an ItemVendorNum without specifying a value\",\"errorClass\":\"Exception\"}"

Json request iam using to update Item :-


 "description": "Finish Line Dry Lube 4oz",

 "defaultCost": "0",

 "defaultVendorID": "1",

 "Prices": {

   "ItemPrice": [


     "amount": "9.99",

     "useTypeID": "1",

     "useType": "Default"



     "amount": "9.99",

     "useTypeID": "2",

     "useType": "MSRP"






  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 718 

    I recall reading another thread where any merged vendors can cause issues when working with some PUT update requests. Or is something amiss in the vendor's settings if it's not one that's been merged?

  • thisconnectthisconnect Member Posts: 22

    is there something we can do through the API to fix this?

    or something the client can do in Retail?

    some of my clients keep getting this error...

  • thisconnectthisconnect Member Posts: 22

    this is not only a problem when using the API, it is also a problem in Retail user interface (which uses the same API)

    when i update the product in LS Retail, i get the error "could not update (try again)"

    but in the user interface, the product IS updated, even when the error is thrown, in the API it is not...

    tried removing/adding/recreating vendor, brand, etc...

    in random cases it suddenly works for that product, but nothing i could find as a way to fix this for all cases.

    keep getting this error

  • LucienVersendaalLucienVersendaal Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 943 moderator

    Hi @thisconnect,

    Sorry for delay in answering your question.

    This issue was caused by a BUG that we had, but this should be fixed now.

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