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So, managers that have full inventory control, when they ring up a customer, serialized items will have a specific box to add that serial number to that product. Well our Associate Role employees, I do not want to give them full inventory control, I checked the box "Basic Inventory" only and with that it does not allow them to add serial number to serialized items upon check out. Any ideas?! as of now , all of our Serialized items are not being added serial numbers when purchased, and we are talking about HUNDREDS of items sold monthly! This is a big issue to us which we MUST keep track of serial numbers under customers item profiles.

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  • AsakoLSAsakoLS Lightspeed Staff Posts: 7 Lightspeed
    Hi Junior,

    Apologies for the delayed response but as of the Retail 2018.9 release that had been released on May 2nd, 2018 you are now able to allow employees to add a new serial number at the point of sale with only the employee right "Inventory - Basic"

    You can see more detail about this enhancement in our release notes from May 2nd:

    Again, apologies for the delayed response. I hope this has made the sales process even easier at your business!


    Asako Ide
    Product Manager II - Retail Inventory
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