Bug: Inconsistent breadcrumb behavior on purchase orders

AnsleywineAnsleywine Member Posts: 1

We frequently run into an issue where breadcrumbs stop working correctly when entering POs. A variety of issues occurs:

  • Breadcrumbs will randomly lose all steps but the most recent one (e.g., going from Inventory > Purchase Orders > PO #xxxx to only PO#xxxx)
  • A portion of the breadcrumb chain will randomly start repeating (e.g., Inventory > Purchase Orders > Purchase Orders > PO #xxxx)
  • Clicking on a link in the breadcrumb chain will take the user to the incorrect page on random occasions

This occurs during the course of working with several POs sequentially (i.e., there aren't multiple ones open at the same time, but several are being entered in order on an order/delivery day). There doesn't seem to be any pattern to when any of these items are triggered, but it happens frequently on any day we have to input several POs.

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