Vendor Cost defaulting to zero

deksdeks Member Posts: 9 ✭

On the new Vendor Cost field, under Vendor ID's, if you add a new item, the vendor cost keeps defaulting to zero, so if you add the item to a PO, the cost is zero. If you add it directly from the PO, the cost is correct the first time, but if you delete it and add it again, it's zero. You have to manually go into Vendor ID to change it.

While a useful enhancement, it's a real pain as I keep having to change the cost. It should default to the Default Cost, and not zero.


  • donnavbdonnavb Member Posts: 8

    Agreed. It should. Also, does LS send out notification updates when they make a change like that? If so, I don't get them.

  • deksdeks Member Posts: 9 ✭

    I don't get any notification updates, although sometimes for bigger updates I see something in the Help side.

    It looks like this is fixed, at least for now, as Vendor Cost is no longer appearing at all. (Which is fine with me).

  • SteebpSteebp Member Posts: 1

    Yes, this update is terrible and a giant waste of time. Mine is still defaulting to zero. How does Lightspeed know to fix this kind of stuff? Whenever I call support they try and send me to the forums to suggest modifications, but this is a bug not a feature right now.

  • VD_LSVD_LS Administrator, Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 796 moderator

    I would definitely suggest callin in to our support team rather than performing a chat so we can properly investigate.

    I unfortunately don't see any chats or calls that discussed the vendor ID in 2021 for Steebp so it may be something else.


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

    All the best!


    Lightspeed Retail Support

    866-932-1801 ext. 2 (Toll-Free)

    514-907-1801 ext. 2 (Montreal)

  • deksdeks Member Posts: 9 ✭

    This is back :(

  • FlowtFlowt Member Posts: 4

    This is also happening to me. Seems to often happen when I am changing the tax class on an item. When I save the changes, it zeros the dealer cost.

  • 1CJ_Correnti1CJ_Correnti Member Posts: 2

    Ive been working with Enkidoo on this and we came up with a solution that should be ready this Friday 6/4/21.

    I am also a LS customer since 2006 and have worked close with the development team for OnSite. I have a ton of issues with the new retail app and hope they pay attention to what most biz owners are complaining about which is losing some functionality in addition to not having that slightest bit of coding experience (e.g. Custom Labels). Please LS listen to your base!!

  • stndrdstndrd Member Posts: 4

    I am having the same issue. This is SOOOOO ANNOYING. We have to back through months of transactions to update the proper cost line by line because the costs constantly ZEROs out.

  • paulakpaulak Member Posts: 2

    Yeah so this is a huge, huge problem. If you change anything on the item page and that Vendor cost is not already on the VENDOR ID page, it deletes your cost and takes it back to zero. You have to go there first, check and make sure it's in, before you change anything on you page or you lose the cost. It's creating a ton of extra work.

  • TrentTrent Member Posts: 8

    I have also experienced this issue. I'm keen on knowing when an update or workaround is implemented. 🤔


    We just added a vendor with 1000's of skus. This just started happening to our account last week. Having to go through and update 2200 items for a Purchase Order that we just created. Surely someone is listening. Thanks @paulak for the headups on the process. May have lost my mind if I changed all of these only to find out I would have to go back and update AGAIN.

  • goodrel8goodrel8 Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2021

    I'm concerned this is affecting my inventory value. There are items where I've fixed the zero cost error, but, on the inventory asset report those items still show at zero cost. When I chatted with support today Lilith verified the inventory asset report is FUBAR. She described it as a "known issue". When I asked if a fix was in the works, the chat disconnected. With this issue, and yesterday's major outage, I'm certainly considering other options at this point.

  • kellyfkellyf Member Posts: 12

    I just worked with support on a similar issue and thought I'd share what was uncovered. I recently updated default cost, vendor cost and retail price on over 11K skus when the vendor upped its cost. I did so by utilizing the inventory import template. Matching on System ID, I only uploaded a value for those 3 fields (having been told in the past that only fields being edited needed to be included). Apparently, when updating vendor cost, the VENDOR NAME and the VENDOR ID must be included even if it's not changing. By not including vendor name and vendor ID, my cost wasn't truly updated so when I used those items on POs, the cost was wrong. And then during the process of trying to manually fix it, the default cost would also get hosed, sometimes changing to $0.00. Hope this tidbit saves others from this massive data nightmare.

  • RhythmCyclesRhythmCycles Member Posts: 1

    It's been my experience when importing a new item, the "Default Cost" always defaults to $0.00, but if you immediately hit the greyed-out "Save Changes" button after the data imports, the "Default Cost" will auto-populate to the cost that the vender last updated the item with in the catalog that it uploads to LS. But this number must also be checked against shipping invoice, especially if you get special program pricing on certain products. The default vender cost is the base cost that every buyer gets before pricing program discounts are applied.

    I found this trick by accident and I call it a "Work Around". I have hundreds of work arounds to help mitigate the loss of valuable work time caused by inefficient or errored programming left un-fixed by LS.

    Hope this "Work Around" Helps someone!


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