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Hi all,

I'd like to retrieve orders through a webhook, and process the new orders using Webhook module.

From lightpseed documentation, I first need to make a Post request to create an Orders Webhook.

Here is how I configured the HTTP make a request module :

The output returns me an Error code 400 : Invalid data input.

Here is the input bundle :

        "ca": null,
        "qs": [
                "name": "isActive",
                "value": "true"
                "name": "itemGroup",
                "value": "orders"
                "name": "itemAction",
                "value": "created"
                "name": "language",
                "value": "fr"
                "name": "format",
                "value": "json"
                "name": "address",
                "value": ""
        "url": "https://key:[email protected]/en/webhooks.json",
        "gzip": true,
        "method": "post",
        "headers": [],
        "timeout": null,
        "useMtls": false,
        "authPass": null,
        "authUser": null,
        "bodyType": null,
        "shareCookies": false,
        "parseResponse": true,
        "followRedirect": true,
        "useQuerystring": false,
        "followAllRedirects": false,
        "rejectUnauthorized": true

Please excuse me for my lack of knowledge in REST API, hence the reason I use integromat.

Thanks in advance

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