Customer Traffic Counter

BeckyBecky Member Posts: 1

Can anyone recommend an inexpensive traffic counter that works with LS Retail? Thanks!


  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 683 

    Not sure if you're talking about a manual traffic counter feature that can be plugged into Retail, or a more automated solution that's integrated somehow.

    Basically most retailers that have IP security cameras can utilize free tools for achieving a barometer of customer traffic. Here's a sample project that I used as a starting point to hook into my company's HikVision NVR cameras -->

    There are more off-the-shelf solutions that can also piggyback off of IP cameras. Prices vary, but our solution was free (other than my time). 😀

  • newmzw8newmzw8 Member Posts: 2

    Hey Becky-

    I've followed up in a message, but I've developed a platform for counting customers.

    Users range from clothing boutiques to gas stations.

    The platform uses a Lightspeed integration to calculate conversion rates, and its cloud-based dashboard displays in-store sales metrics alongside foot traffic.

    For retailers who don't have an in-house guru like Gregarican, many are hesitant to do anything that could create issues with their security cameras. Because of that, comes with a device that has a built-in network connection and is about the size of a deck of cards. It just needs to be plugged in and able to see customers entering the store.

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