Feature Request: Product Images in the Item Search Results

cornellfarmcornellfarm Member Posts: 4

We need some way to get information on photos in the Item Search screen. Either a filter at the top (like "items with images" or "items without images") and/or a column in the lineup that either displays a thumbnail of the image (and allows you to sort by items with images) or an "Image Count" column that would display how many images each product has.

At the very minimum, it would be very helpful to get the "Image Count" information in the exported .csv since we do a lot of inventory management that way.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Hey @cornellfarm

    Thanks for the feedback! I've noted it in our list of requested enhancemnt updates to the software! 

  • troyjwrctroyjwrc Member Posts: 6


    It's absurd to not have a way to view and manage images at an overview level. (Product search: with a toggle.)

    Right now, it's practically pointless to even include images in Retail since you have to go all the way into the product specific level to ever see them.

    At a glance' viewing of thumbnails would be so beneficial while searching for products, and at checkout. (Sales, invoices, work orders and more.)

  • jewelcamjewelcam Member Posts: 17

    Is there any way to have a thumbnail display of inventory items, by a 3rd party integration while in search mode or in the POS list of inventory items? I would pay to have this developed.

  • Patrick1234Patrick1234 Member Posts: 20

    With onsite this was an invaluable tool. To call up product/s and being able to check a match visually, and not have to go into the product details to see it

  • darryl_ssdarryl_ss Member Posts: 119

    @VanessaD Is there any way to view current proposals and work in progress? On Github maybe?

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Hey @darryl_ss

    For the time being no, however we're working on re-launching our ideas page so everyone can be kept aware of the existing roadmap. The timeline on it, however, will vary.

  • RevcycleRevcycle Member Posts: 38 ✭

    Is there a way to export the inventory - item list so that it has a column for image assigned ?

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Hi @Revcycle

    You can reach out to support to request this.

    I do want to clarify that the file will include the image file name, however. The images themselves cannot be exported out of retail at this time.

  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 107 ✭
    edited February 2

    Hi @Revcycle I've got a service that includes some tools, ( plus a load of other things ) that can make managing images in Lightspeed a lot easier. You can check it out at https://spectraretail.com, and feel free to DM if you have any questions!

    Matt Anger


  • mike_fourthmike_fourth Member Posts: 21

    Yes please to this request. It would be nice to at least have the option to display item thumbnails in the item list/search results (could be toggled on/off so it isn't taxing on load time for those who don't need it). For us, when a tag falls off an items, we need to be able to find it in the POS on the fly in order to make the sale. Even if we know the vendor, there may be 30+ items with similar names (ie "White Vase") and right now we have to click into every item individually to find the right one based on the image.

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