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We need to be able to input payment reference numbers for credit and debit card payments, and for check payments. This keeps all payments organized and makes finding and fixing payment errors much easier. I don't understand why this was not transferred from Onsite to Retail.


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    Hey @Dominion ,

    You could use the Internal Note function with a sale when taking a deposit/payment or check to add a reference number during the transaction.


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    We have this same issue. We could use the internal note section..... but we use that for internal notes. We need a Payment Note section. We have customers that pay with Department Budget Numbers, we have a payment type "Budget number" but when they check out, there is no place to put the budget number. Putting it in the internal note field is not a solution, we put internal order or sale notes there, we need a payment note field that we can use only for payment notes and be able to pull reports on it. I have seen several others request for this already in the community forum, it was a feature of Onsite we heavily relied on.

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    We have the same issue as well. We need to be able to enter those Auth Codes. We also need a space to enter Reference #'s that will show up on the Receipt for customers that have made a purchase through an online partner.

    Auth code entry is a major one though, this should be printed on every receipt.

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