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Here's the scenario:

We have a client who is purchasing multiple items. He is making a partial payment, so we create a layaway transaction. We enter, save, and hit complete to see the total with tax.

We then enter the value of his deposit (a partial amount of the total). The payment returns an error, that it is an insufficient amount.

To improve the workflow lightspeed should have a "ACCEPT AS DEPOSIT" which would appear as a prompt somewhere.

Otherwise is there someway to receive a partial payment in lightspeed?

What is the point of layaway function without a deposit left?


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    Hey @Indigo ,

    Split-payments is possible when performing regular sales, since you have a total owing and can take a partial amount on a card, then the other partial amount on another card.

    When performing a deposit, because the deposit funciton does not act like an item (rather, it acts like a fee in the sale) you need to simply take the 1st split payment method and finish the sale by having the customer pay for it, and then start a new sale and do the same thing for the 2nd payment type.

    Luckily, deposited funds get redirected to the customer account, so they'll both be accessible as a lump sum value later.

    Hope that helps!

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