I'm no big city retailer but...

ridehousecyclesridehousecycles Member Posts: 11

I'm new to retail and POS systems as a whole, but wanted to get some feedback from users about some real issues I have with LS Retail & ECom. But, of course I'm pretty ignorant of the system and I find it gets easier as I go.

Here's some examples:

Appointment bookings:

No notifications! I had a couple of customers show up and I had no idea they were coming. Thankfully they were very understanding as we're just starting out – I hope? Cancelled service soon after, and switched back to Booxi.

Past Sales print receipt:

Cannot find a way to do this. I'm locked in this screen that is a simplified sales dashboard saying that I may want to do yadda yadda yadda with the previous sale, but no way to print other receipts


Again, cannot find them. Same issue

And just in general some real UX issues, the Workorder flow just seems confusing and so many steps to check out. And not very intuitive.

Integration with ECom and Retail is terrible – again maybe I'm missing something, but why are there two different methods for both? Why when a client makes an online order are they not automatically added to my Retail Customer Database?

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