Why is Lightspeed Support so unhelpful?

I have been an Onsite customer since 2008, then migrated to Retail in 2018--and was told I would ALWAYS have access to my Onsite database, for sales, accounting and customer histories. Of course, now that Onsite is at end of life, things have changed. The hard drive I had Onsite installed on failed recently, so I called today, held for a long time for Onsite support, finally got a woman (who was hard to understand) who then refused to help me install Onsite on another desktop. Said I didn't have a current support contract, which was NEVER necessary or an issue before. I asked for a Supervisor, and--of course--there are none available. There never are. I would say unbelievable, but as a long-time customer, I can honestly say that this is entirely BELIEVABLE--no one at Lightspeed goes out of their way to deliver excellent service... and with just four days to go before this can't be done at all, you'd think these people would understand your urgency, as a small business owner, in not losing your company data. But, NO... not Lightspeed. Thanks for continuing to underwhelm me, right down to the end.


  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 120 

    Any chance you still have the backup export from your initial change over?

  • sfusionsfusion Member Posts: 8

    Similar experience with me. My data upload got totally pooched by DOOSYNC resulting me being shut down for 3 days unnecessarily. I had to escalate matters multiple times and despite finally getting through to the developers to have the matter corrected the work is only 2/3 done still. Onboarding Success Managers still hasn't returned my emails. Brutal service and zero accountability. Sadly, a repeating patter with Lightspeed.

  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 36 ✭

    I had to write a public diatribe in this community in order for Lightspeed to take notice and make things (finally) happen. Tag VanessaD in a post - she has proved to be helpful.

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