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Is there a way to set up in the system when we add a new customer name that the case is automatically set to Title Case (Brent Fasick) & that phone numbers automatically include the dashes (403-272-7141)? It is very difficult to get all my staff on the same page to this all looks uniform.


  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Hey @bpcycle

    Thanks for the feedback! I've noted it in our list of requested enhancement updates to the software! 

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    I was just going to leave the same feedback. Fortunately I saw yours. If I may add to this you could even go a step further and add formatting options to the phone field. For example if one store would like it set up: 444-444-4444 Or another store would like it set up (444)444-4444

    Also another Country may set it up another way.

    When we are busy it would make it so much more efficient to get the customer information entered and actually start ringing up the sale!

    Thank You, Dan

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    Different countries have different phone formats so would need to be created as options. We just ended up putting it in as normal number format.

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