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We are using the Lightspeed API, and we are receiving some "wrong data". When doing the "{accountID}/Customer.json" endpoint call, we do receive data. But we do not return a customer when the customer is our own shop (so we created the customer ourself). This only happens when we are retrieving data after a certain date (so adding the date parameter when doing the API call), i.e. "{accountID}/Customer.json?timeStamp=>,2020-01-01" for instance.

This is very unfortunate because we need this id, and it takes too long to retrieve all the data every time, so we really need to add the date parameter.. 

So in short, calling "{accountID}/Customer.json" works like a charm, we receive all our customers, including the our own shops.

But calling "{accountID}/Customer.json?timeStamp=>,2020-01-01" does not return our own shops.

We think this also creates a problem when using "{accountID}/Sale.json?createTime=>,2020-01-01". Then the customerID of our own shop is always equal to 0, but we need the customerID of the shop as wel.

Hope you can help us out! Thanks in advance!😀


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    Can you explain what you mean with "own shop", do you mean a location?

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    Yes, so we create a customer: let's say Thephonelab-Sloterdijk (with customerID 12345). This "customer" sometimes "buys" a product, like when a product breaks.

    When we do an API call, the saleLine returns a customerID 0, even though it is supposed to be 12345

    Hope this helps

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