Selling Multiple Quantities of Same Item with Different Prices

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Hello, my name is Zach - I work with a hardware store out of Tennessee. I have been helping with everything IT-related and helped to get the point of sales system going, including uploading and managing the inventory.

We have run into issues trying to sell certain items, due to limitations. I guess I am making this post as a suggestion and/or asking for some sort of help or solution.


One of the big issues we're currently having is trying to sell doors. Doors, for the most part, are special order items. They contain many attributes, such as Glass Types, Glass Styles, Grid Styles, Lite Styles, Heights, Door Types, Door Series, Left-Hand, Right-Hand, etc. I have tried to create these items as a matrix, combining multiple door attributes into one of the three available matrix attributes. (Ex: Using the Glass Type, Glass Style and Grid Style in Attribute 1, Using the Lite Style, Door Height in Attribute 2, Using the Door Type in Attribute 3). With the doors being so complex and with so many different combinations, we still run into issues when applying these doors to purchase orders and sales.

As mentioned previously, each door is a special order. Additionally, they all have their own serial numbers. Although this is the case, it doesn't separate the doors when added to a sale. (For instance, two of the same door with separate serial numbers cannot be listed with different prices)

I've been trying to think of some sort of work-around/solution to this. I'm assuming the matrix attribute limitation is to prevent the system from getting bogged down, which is understandable. So, adding additional available attributes probably wouldn't be possible.

Another solution would be to make it possible to sell more than one of the same item at different prices. (Or possibly be able to store cost/prices for each individual serial number. When the serial applied at the sale screen, it would apply the cost/pricing for that serial) Currently, if an item is added to the sale screen multiple times, the quantity is incremented. It doesn't allow for two separate lines for the same item

With this being implemented, a single item could be made for each type of door (ex: Single Steel Exterior Door), then the door information could be entered with the serial attributes, as well as the pricing. Once added to the sale, the door specifics would be there from the serial attributes and the pricing would be included for each serial.

We've run into the same issue with other items as well. I'm not sure if anyone else has had this sort of trouble, or if there is a different way we should be going about it. Any solutions would be appreciated!




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    The issue is that the serial number system is an afterthought in Retail.

    It connects to a product code and a customer, but not to an actual item.

    So its more like a helpful note than a real serial number system and is frankly quite useless.

    Is ASSEMBLY system any good for you? Start with seperate items.

    Standard Door $100

    Window A $20

    Handle C $40

    Hinge D $20

    Assemble them for each customer and sell them that way?

    Not sure if that helps.....

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    Hi Zach,

    There is currently a solution for this in Lightspeed Retail. You can reach out to the support team and have them add the "Antiques" module to your account.

    It will default the POS to add similar items on separate sale lines so that you can have different prices/serial numbers for each item.

    You will still be able to set multiple quantities to a single line if you need to however, but it will not be the default.


    Kayode Nwanze

    Product Specialist

    Customer Success Team

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