Loyalty Feedback

SweetPaperSweetPaper Member Posts: 1

Just switched to LS Loyalty and so far am really disappointed.

1) Ability to edit customer's information in the dashboard. If a customer tells me their email or phone number have changed, there should be a way to edit this

2) Customers should be able to edit their own name, phone + email in the app

3) Ability to unsubscribe someone if they ask, rather than having to direct them to the app

4) I imported 1400 members from a previous program. I should be able to send them email marketing without them registering on the new app. (I've emailed all customers with instructions on how to register and we are walking customers through it in the shop, but so far I have 50 accounts activated out of 1400.. so now I can't market to my members)

5) It would be nice if the customer info from the app transferred back to LS so we would have a record of our customer's emails (Since they enter these directly into the app). So as of now, we are having to collect both phone + email in LS Retail.

6) I already had all of my customer's birthdates but was unable to import them. So if a customer doesn't go in and enter that info, I am losing out on those potential sales of their birthday reward.

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