Update Default Cost from Recent Purchase Order

LiquorStoreOwner405LiquorStoreOwner405 Member Posts: 1

It would be extremely helpful and eliminate a ton of manual entry time if there was an option to update the Default Cost of an Item based upon the current Purchase Order. I'm surprised this is not already an option?!

Optimally, it would be great to have a checkbox to the side of each item on a Purchase Order to indicate whether the Default Cost should be updated based upon the current price.

Our costs are continually changing/updating, but to have that option so we don't have to update the PO cost price manually and then have to manually update the Default Cost pricing at the Inventory Item level would be extremely helpful.

Surely I am not the only one


  • meltechsmeltechs Member Posts: 1

    We moved across from Lightspeed Onsite a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately the more we use Retail the more we find it pretty inadequet as an inventory managment system...

    This should be a very basic, essential feature!

  • VanessaDVanessaD Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 539 moderator

    Hey @LiquorStoreOwner405

    Thanks for the feedback! I've noted it in our list of requested enhancement updates to the software! 


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.


    Vanessa D.

    Lightspeed Retail Support

    866-932-1801 ext. 2 (Toll-Free)

    514-907-1801 ext. 2 (Montreal)

  • janzenbrothersjanzenbrothers Member Posts: 3

    We would be interested in seeing this implemented as a checkbox option per PO or beside the "Add Received To Inventory" button, so that it only updates what is being received and not what has already been received or is still on the way. Some of our suppliers bill us in a different currency and we'd like the default cost to remain the same for those. For our Canadian suppliers though, this would save a lot of time, as we go into each product to manually update it. Thanks!

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