Bookkeepers need Payment by Date by Payment Type for the whole month.

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There is a key function missing in your reporting, which is the "Summarize By" feature in OnSite. For standard bookkeeping you need to supply the Payment by Date by Payment Type for the whole month. This was available in OnSite and is missing in Retail. I have been told that the only way to supply these reports is to run 31 individual reports for each Payment Method for the month. That is ridiculous.

All reporting should be able to be Summarized By all of the same options we were given in OnSite. How are we meant to export proper sales reports for accounting purposes when they don't exist?!


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    I am using Reports / Payments / Received. Punch in the whole month to search. Then export. Open the export in Excel and then create a pivot table to get my daily totals by payment type. It's a workaround which should be a built in report.

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    Hey @hipbaby

    Eddie is offering a great way to filter the report down so you can export the Payments received report once and sort it within excel in seconds, otherwise, if you prefer staying within retail, you could export 1 report for the entire month for each payment type.

    To do this, go into the Payments received report and you can search for however long a period of time you need, then filter for the payment type in particular and export the results. This would help you reduce the exports to a few separate reports by payment type.


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