Adding the Vendor ID for Purchase Orders and Special Orders.

David_HermensDavid_Hermens Member Posts: 3

Currently there is no vendor ID or Custom/Manufacturers Part Number in the Special Order Tab of a Purchase order. This makes selecting the item tedious as you need to drill down into the individual inventory page for each item to see the vendor ID.

On top of that, when you go back to the Special order tab you have to re filter the list for the specific vendor.

If the vendor ID was entered on that special page it would make referencing and selecting the item to be ordered so much more streamlined.

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  • BrandonBBrandonB Member Posts: 1

    Yes I agree with this.

    Why is there no reference of the items Vendor ID or part number when looking at your list of special order items?

    You have to click each item to see its part number then when you go back to the list you have to re-filter your vendor again. Very time consuming and seems like an easy fix by simply showing the part number on the list of special orders.

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