Reports/Items Sold report should include Vendor ID

MoonsistersMoonsisters Member Posts: 4

It would be extremely helpful if the Report "Items Sold" could include Vendor ID please.




  • QuixoteQuixote Member Posts: 1

    Was just talking about that today. Would be very helpful!

  • WhiHarWhiHar Member Posts: 5

    Even better, let us choose the field to add. For me, I have my vendor part numbers included in the manufactures SKU field. I would like to see it on this report for quick reordering.

  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 926 

    I believe if you subscribe to Lighspeed Analytics you can pick and choose which fields you'd like to add to reports. I know it's an additional subscription fee, but that's an option. Granted, the canned Retail reports are minimal at best and don't offer a wealth of options...

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