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Hi, we recently switched over from LS Onsite to LS Retail and the dashboard is different and doesn't allow for the customizations that I need. On a daily basis, without running a report, I need to see daily, monthly, and yearly sales. I was told that some of this information would be available if I signed up for advanced reporting. However, I do not want to pay more for simple non-report information...I am looking for at-a-glance numbers, no reporting...what you previously offered on your dashboard was perfect for my needs. I've attached a screenshot of LS Onsite's dashboard so you can see the information I'd like. Please let me know how this can be made available.



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    I recently had a talk with one of the Dev team about exactly this issue. Hourly and daily sales are a massive waste of time as we all work on averages, but how we are going for the week and year are essential.

    Apparently "it will be put on the whiteboard & looked at"

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