Storing of Multiple Shipping Addresses

mcfraremcfrare Member Posts: 4

Hi, we recently switched from LS Onsite to LS Retail and previously we could store multiple shipping addresses for our customers. In LS Retail, we can change the shipping address but we have to type it in manually instead of the address being stored and just selected. We have many customers with multiple addresses so to have to type manually is extremely time consuming and allows for human error. Please let us know when this feature can be brought to LS Retail.




  • dweinsteindweinstein Member Posts: 5

    Having same issue. We need have ability to import multiple addresses, or just provide a way to import previous shipping addresses to pre-populate this list

  • jplauntjplaunt Member Posts: 1

    We are also having the same issue and wondering if LS retail will be adding multiple address option for our customers. We have many customers with multiple locations and would hope that this feature could be added soon.

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