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Hello. I recently have run into a problem with regards to selling fabrics in my store. We would like to sell them at, say, 1.5 yards or as the customer orders. Lightspeed, as I know it, doesn't allow this. Is there any way to resolve this? We've considered selling at different SKUs, so one SKU would be 0.5 yards, another 0.25 etc. Would that work?

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    I do not have an answer for this, but also have the same issue when ordering fabrics by the yard for an interior design business. I would LOVE for Lightspeed to address this. It seems like we can't be the only ones struggling with this issue. My fix now has been to create a separate item in the inventory that is for the entire yardage needed, and showing the total cost, any time there are half-yards ordered. It's an annoying step to have to take though. (For example, 2.5 yards of a $100 per yard fabric is now a separate item "Fabric cut - 2.5 yards", with a single cost of $250.00)

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