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aghunsakeraghunsaker Member Posts: 6

Hi all,

We recently had a PO template added to our system so that we could customize the look of the PO when emailing (which has been otherwise a vast improvement), and are having an issue now with the "Notes" section. Any notes we type into the "Notes" when creating the PO all get combined into a large single line of text with no spaces or paragraph breaks. Is it possible to update this in the template? I didn't create the template myself and am not super tech savvy so any assistance or advice will help.

Thank you!

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  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 49 ✭

    Does your template allow you to remove the Lightspeed advertising at the footer of every PO sent out? It makes it look like we're using a free service or something. Would love to just have our shop's branding there.


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