Unable to remove custom field multiple choice options

alexmcnabalexmcnab Member Posts: 1
We have identified an issue on our retail API usage, causing incorrectly creating multiple custom field choice values for the customer custom field named "Marketing: Women's/Men's" (custom field ID: 88).

We have since rectified the issue, and wanted to proceed cleaning up the incorrectly created options. We made sure that these deprecated options are not selected in any of our customer entries (we went through each and every one of the customer entry to do that, including archived entries). 
Nevertheless, we are unable to remove them from the web dashboard (or API), as it says "unable to remove, this choice is currently in use".

We need help removing the deprecated options. All of the incorrectly created options have been named: "deprecated option xx", and are not supposed to be used by any customer entries.

Note: The options that were incorrectly created initially comes up as having no name: they show up as a list of checkboxes without label. We then gave them names ("deprecated option xx") so that they can be managed from the web dashboard.

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