Not able to sort/move items in Retail invoices (Onsite was more flexible)

michael2021michael2021 Member Posts: 1

Disappointed to see that we're not able to easily shift items up/down on an invoice. Onsite was definitely more flexible in terms of adding additional items to an invoice and then listing them so it makes sense to the client. 😒


  • Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 39 

    I recently migrated to Retail after having used OnSite for over 10 years. This is one of the MANY features I find missing. I would often rearrange things on invoices, and PO's to be it as clear as possible for my customers and suppliers. It clearly is doable because if you create a matrix you are able to move the lines up and down into the order you want.

  • aghunsakeraghunsaker Member Posts: 6

    Oh I completely feel the same. How can this feature not be available? SIGH.

  • MonmouthBottleShopMonmouthBottleShop Member Posts: 11

    ...but retail is an upgrade right? Wish we knew then what we know now.

    Hope they actually work on their "new" software but not holding our breath

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