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We have two brick and mortar locations and use Lightspeed Retail/Payments for both. Today we had a customer who had previously bought an item at Location 1 and wanted to return the product at Location 2. We figured it would work as normal since it's all the same system, however we were not able to process the return since it had originally been purchased at Location 1. I contacted support who let me know that it is ONLY possible to process returns at the location the product was purchased at. They let me know there are no current plans to change this, but I feel like this is a relatively simple and reasonable thing to expect to be able to do when you use the same POS in multiple locations. How can we make this happen?

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    Wow! That's a major deficiency!

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    Apparently due to some limitation of Lightspeed Payments? We're able to do multi-store returns with Cayan.

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    I have a total of 8 locations and the only way for my employees to properly do exchanges if I gave them access to all stores! Do they not realize that this will be a major issue ! I feel like they did not think this update through. If I give a sales associate access to all 8 locations the employee now can login to a different store by mistake and cause inventory issues and they can see sales for the whole company. A little annoyed at this update.

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    @developers of Lightspeed, what is the status on multi-store returns? I contacted tech support when we had a customer trying to return shoes in the 2nd location and weren't able to. I received a long explanation on how to change location, add and pair the terminal to the other location (in 6 steps), process the refund, unpair the terminal from the other location, and then changing the location to get back to the original location.

    I was shocked to read that is the only option. I remember specifically asking if Lightspeed will let me do returns in multiple locations and the answer was yes, absolutely, no problem. Well, guess what, it is a big problem. I have never been to a shop with multiple locations where the sales associate had to jump through all these hoops just to do a return. Can you please fix this?

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    I would like to add another vote for this. It's baffling how this wasn't among the first things to be considered when building a POS. LS has so many positives and they are all almost offset by this huge oversight.

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