Employee Permissions

dustinbdustinb Member Posts: 7

I was hoping the options for employee permissions could be expanded to allow more options and flexability. For example, in order to be able to edit an inventory item - add a UPC, publish to ecom, etc the employee has to be granted access to costs. It would be nice to have costs separate as this is something we often don't want to share with employees. There are a lot of things that can be edited in inventory that do not impact cost. Once cost access is given then employees can see this in PO's as well.


  • KaiKai Member Posts: 4

    I would like this option too. The ability for an employee to be able to change UPC/SKU/tags/inventory levels has nothing to do with cost and I'd like to have the option to be able to give access to the whole item (in stages that I can control). Cost should only be needed for the creation of new products

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