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I haven't found an answer for this yet, and the LS customer support person I spoke with suggested I post it on here for more traction.

I need to be able to generate invoices for customers who have a credit account. More than half of the customer AP (accounts payable) departments that I deal with will not pay their balance owing without a document titled "INVOICE".

Every single feature I need for this is present in the "Print Account Statement" feature, except it's missing the word INVOICE on the top of the document. This seems like a very easy thing to create on the back end, so that we have a more usable product. Presently I have to use a completely separate program (Quote Machine) to generate a good looking quote and invoice. I can make a reasonable quote in LS, but I can't make an Invoice...

I have 2 ideas, and I'm sure folks here have more, and can encourage some improvement.

Idea #1: Allow users to change the title of the Account Statement. Everything else stays the same, but you can choose to call it by different names, and those will appear on the top of the document. I'm not a programmer, but this doesn't seem like rocket science.

Idea #2: Have a second button just below the "Print Account Statement" button. It is titled "Print Invoice". It uses the all of the exact same features for date selection, etc, but generates a document with the header "Invoice".

Anyone else struggling with not being able to generate an invoice from LS Retail?


  • TcNurseryTcNursery Member Posts: 9

    YES! I agree.

  • reluctantbookkeeperreluctantbookkeeper Member Posts: 4

    YES, invoices are needed. So unprofessional to print out "ticket" no. when shipping orders. I was told I could purchase a third party integration - no thanks!

  • aimzaimz Member Posts: 7

    We added a line in our info section that prints on the receipt with our Tax ID/ABN number and "Tax Invoice"

    That then prints out - small - but still there so it qualifies for most people to pay the invoice.

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    Yes please on invoice prints!

    How are QM users liking it? We are going live soon and have been trying to figure out invoices and automated statements. We used to be able to charge finance fees for late payments, but there doesn't seem to be a method for this in QM or LS. I believe Quickbooks has a way, but we haven't figured out how to set this up. How is everyone else working around this when billing net30 customers? Thanks!

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