Feature request: Work Order Report that shows finished lines by employee

riversidecycleriversidecycle Member Posts: 3

I would like to be able to "see" what each employee "finishes" for work orders each day. To be clear, that doesn't refer to sales reports, but just how many bikes were completed each day. I think the esxisting reports use sales data but to be honest I'm not quite sure. That report has 3 options; In, Due, & Sale. From what I can tell the "In" option counts how many workorders were written up during the selected period. The option "Due" shows all the repair orders that have a Due date within the time period and "Sale" just shows what was wrung up during the period for workorers. None of those results is what I'm looking for. I don't think the program has the ability to track when workorder lines are marked completed or the whole workorder moved to finished status. This is what would be extremely helpful to me. That way I could easily see how many jobs were done each day by each employee regardless of whether or not the bike was picked up by the customer.

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