Adding Products to PO

Natalie_G888Natalie_G888 Member Posts: 28 ✭

When I add products to a PO for a certain vendor, I like to go through my entire list of products from that supplier. Coming from OnSite, I would select the Vendor, and I would have all products associate with that vendor and could just drag and drop it into my PO.

Keeping in mind that I have hundreds of I many hundreds of products from some vendors, the issue I am running in to having just navigated to Retail is that 100 per page is the max we can display (for anything in Retail) which makes it very time consuming when I select my products to add to PO from that page and then have to go back and re-enter the vendor in search criteria and start all over again from page 1. Please consider expanding the max per page so that one could display more and just keep scrolling down and adding as they go. Alternatively, if the items selected to add from one page could be saved as you continue to add from the subsequent pages that would also be helpful. Anything would be an improvement from the current systems.

Furthermore, when I am going through 100 products on a page, having an <Add Selected> at the top and not just at the bottom would be helpful.

I find creating PO's much more time consuming and tedious which is a bit frustrating since one always hopes to navigate to something that will make life easier and save time. What used to be a very fast process is now so laborious.

Is there a workaround for this? Any suggestions?

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