Retail API pulls inventory from the wrong location

jtellierjtellier Member Posts: 55

Does anyone know how to pull inventory from the right location for retail integration on a sale? For example I do the post below, which is an ecommerce post from the third party platform, RunFree, and it specifies where to pull the inventory from but it looks like that is ignored and it is pulled from the checkout location instead?

Being that this is ecommerce, the order could have sale lines from 5 different locations so the SaleLine, specifying shopID "2" should pull from shopID=2 instead it pulls from shopID=1 I assume cause that is where the order is attributed to.

 "employeeID": "16",
 "shopID": 1,
 "registerID": "1",
 "completed": true,
 "archived": false,
 "voided": false,
 "enablePromotions": true,
 "isTaxInclusive": false,
 "completeTime": "2021-04-17T12:21:48+00:00",
 "referenceNumber": "RunFree 17361",
 "receiptPreference": "printed",
 "customerID": "6530",
 "taxTotal": "6.50",
 "SaleLines": {
  "SaleLine": [
    "itemID": "114056",
    "unitQuantity": 1,
    "unitPrice": "130.00",
    "tax": true,
    "calcTax1": "6.50",
    "shopID": "2",
    "taxCategoryID": "6"
 "SalePayments": {
  "SalePayment": [
    "paymentTypeID": "9",
    "amount": "126.50",
    "remoteReference": "ch_1IhGtxIKSkDq114pSigG2e5n"
    "paymentTypeID": "10",
    "amount": "10.00",
    "discountID": "44"
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