Loyalty Feature Request - see point balance in Customer Profile in LS directly

ShaanaShaana Member Posts: 1

I would love it if the Loyalty manager functions of adding or removing points were right inside Lightspeed retail access. As well, it would be great to be able to have a tab under a customer profile to see their LS Loyalty points there instead of being required to open a sale, enter their name and pull up the sale to click the Loyalty button. If it could be integrated in the customer profile instead, that would be super easy!

On that same note, after we imported customer points and data from Perkville, it would be nice in that customer profile in LS to see "imported points" listed and a note to ask customer to opt in to the new system...

this would give a prompt to the sales staff interacting with customers to let them know they need to opt in really quickly before they can access their points in the new Loyalty system.

Thank you!


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