Is it possible to assign a different tax class per item on a WO just like on a normal sale process?

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Based on BC Provincial Sales Taxes (PST) regulation, the tax must be applied based on the final usage between e-bikes and regular bikes. Based on this, I would recommend lightspeed development as a way to change the tax during the work order process.

This regulation means that the same SKU could be applied GST only or GST+PST, based on the final usage. I think that is important to lightspeed keep up to date and comply with the regulation in BC.

Follow below the email that I received when I called to lightspeed support.

Hello Flavio,

Thank you for contacting Lightspeed Support.

Today, you called in about wanting to assign a different tax class per item on a Work Order just like on a normal sale transaction. This feature is currently not possible, I can certainly see how this would be useful. We have implemented a process called Lightspeed Ideas which allows users to make suggestions directly to our Product Management team and I think this would be a great candidate. On the main menu, click on Help > Give Feedback. 

Should you have any follow-up questions or concerns, please create a new Support request by calling us at (866) 932-1801, or you can submit an email/chat/callback request from this page:

Thank you for your cooperation and your patience. I'm glad to be of service.

Take care,

Aileen Tagalog

Lightspeed Support

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