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Hi there,

I'm looking for a little help. We've developped an integration using the external payment provider API and the OAuth flow. We've tested it and installed it at customers and it's working. Still, we're facing problems for a specific customer. We've created the external payment provider (I have logs and kept track of the POST response, including the created external payment provider's Lightspeed assigned id), we've then added the payment button using Lightspeed's manager web app. The button correctly appears on the customer's screen. But when using it, the webview doesn't open. There's just a kind of pinpad opening.

Can someone help us in debugging what's going on?



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    Replying to self... I've been able to get support from Lightspeed. They told me they hadn't activated a setting which was required for that integration to work. It's a bit strange because we got the integration working at some customers (and never heard about that setting) while for that specific customer it didn't work. It means that the setting hadn't been set by Lightspeed for that specific customer while for others it's set. I couldn't get any information from Lightspeed about when/how they define that setting. I was just told to reach the support through e-mail before future installations to make sure that the setting was enabled on the future customer's account.

    So, should you encounter the same problem as we did, reach out to Lightspeed support and ask them to check that the "new payment modal" setting is enabled for the customer you're targetting.

    They did it for us and the integrated started working immediately (no change on our side).

    Hope this helps future readers.

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