Override default shipment price through the API

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We have an integrated shipping method named 'postNL'. This shipment has a default price of 6.95 (with you can set/change).

Through the API i create a checkout, finish it so it is an order. In the front-end i can override the default price of the shipment but through the API it isn't working.

If i PUT on the checkout or the order something like this

  "shipment_method": {
    "id": "postnl|Default",
    "tax_rate": 0.05,
    "price_excl": 5.95,
    "price_incl": 6.25,
    "base_price_incl": 6.2475,
    "base_price_excl": 5.95

The price of the shipment is not changed. If i use for example an 'external' shippingmethod, i can change the price.

Is there any option in the API to override the shipping price on an order (or checkout with will be transformed to an order?)


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