partial payments or layaways uhg !!

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the current procces is very convoluted and more steps than it should be.. If a customer is have custom ring made i have to create the sale, turn it into a layaway, add a deposit to their account, then go back in and transfer the deposit to the sale. After all that the only way to view the sales transaction and see or verify what is being done is to pretend to print it. The way onsite worked was much clearer you just made a partial payment and the invoice showed the balance remaining.

are there any plans to up date this process??

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    agreed, preferred on site where you could in my case for net 30 wholesale cutomers, create an invoice that you could email, print etc. which would show as a sale and be allowed to be unpaid or partially paid

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    Try having a customer with three items in workshop while having 3 items on layby and then working out where the money is supposed to go.......

    It is the stupidest setup ever.

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