Is anyone using lightspeed retail integration with quickbooks online accounting?

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In shogo, I've mapped my payments credit card & cash to undeposited funds. Credit cards work fine, and can be easily reconciled via the bank deposit screen in QB. The journal entries created for cash is a different story. It's creating many journal entries, and I'm unclear how to manage or if I've set this up correctly. On a positive, I'm in balance but don't think I should be seeing all these cash journal entries on the bank deposit screen.


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    Hi there,

    in most cases when this happens it's usually because cash deposits are being mapped to the same place as your cash sales.

    Deposits that you take down for future sales only count as payments for the time being. Once the deposit is used as payment (called the Credit Account Payment Type) it counts as a sale.

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    I'm trying to find a way to create a report for "Gross Sales" which includes all payments received (whether deposits for orders or layaways, not just cash&carry sales) but pre-tax. Many landlords require this and consider any and all payments received, regardless of when the sale is completed or if it is, as "Gross Sales". Even if there is a workaround to get these numbers. The issue I'm running into is if I simple just combine the sales report in lightspeed with the report of open orders at the end of the month, and I do the same the following month, I would be running into duplicates if the prev. months open order totals turned into completed sales for the next month. I hope this makes sense. As an FYI, I also signed up to lightspeed accounting and quickbooks online. I haven't set it up yet, but if there's a way through the integration to achieve what I need, that could work also. Prev to transitioning to lightspeed, we manually tracked everything in a ledger from an old register.
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