Webhooks Not Firing Add/Update Product Add Customer

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I have spoken with support on this in depth, and they can see that the webhooks have been created successfully. I have the resulting response showing that all of the webhooks were successful. Although, when adding/updating a product the webhook is not hitting the very simple page I have created on my end to catch the webhook. When I hit the page manually, that is supposed to be hit when the webhook fired, it runs successfully and puts a simple entry into a database to show the page was hit. Nothing happens when I do it through the eCom back office. These webhooks are for a store that I am working on for a client. I have plenty of experience using Lightspeed eCom Webhooks as I have many set up for my own personal store. Something has to be messed up on Lightspeed's end that is not causing the webhook to fire correctly. I have a call into support which they are attempting to get answers from the developers, but they also recommended I post this in the forum. Any ideas???

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